The New Norm in Education

Due to pandemic, schools have shutdown making the traditional set-up of education currently futile and perilous. Thus, governments around the world have been attempting to construct guidelines for the so called new normal education. This means that instead of having classrooms, students and teachers will need to conduct classes online.

For the privileged people, new normal education may be practical and comfortable. However, for the majority, especially the less fortunate and families struggling in the middle of a pandemic, this concept is absurd. New normal education obviously requires computers and Internet access that not all students and teachers can afford. It also entails computer skills and digital educational materials that not all schools can provide. Problems will further include a lack of Internet satellites, computer experts, and educational funds.

All of these could be tough and expensive. Only the governments with the right strategies, funding, and time can put this new normal education to success.

By: Bianca Rose P. Antalan