ESL Complete Teaching Tool Package

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Get big savings!!! This package includes EDB Game Pack 1 and Tongue Twisters!!! It’s a one complete-overload teaching tool!!!The ESL Teacher’s secret to 5 Star Rating and High Booking Rate of students. These are teaching tools-customizable PPT games, EDB files, INTRO PPT with animated GIF, Chinese text translations, and audio. Fun pic games,  award certificates, praise buttons, and Chinese audio clips for classroom use. This package includes Tongue Twisters and EDB Educational Game Pack 1! Hurry! Limited Promo Only!


A complete ESL teaching tool package every new and old ESL teacher must have. The package includes introduction PPT presentation for teachers handling trial classes or helping new students introduce themselves for the first time in your class. There are two separate PPT for male and female teacher, both have Chinese audio translation and can be customized and edited. The Chinese audio translations in MP3 format can be used in class for students having difficulty in class activities. This package also includes EDB files for lesson use and fun activities (puzzles), editable and customizable  award certificates and praise buttons to reward and compliment students. There are also brain teasers and pic games and PPT games and lesson related materials.

3 reviews for ESL Complete Teaching Tool Package

  1. Teacher M.

    Hi. I really love this product. All of the files in it are very useful especially that I’m handling trial classes and I’m quite lazy and I’m not so good at doing this kind of stuff so I highly recommend this to everyone. This is actually an all-in-one product. It has awards & certificates wherein you just have to put the name of your student, some Chinese audio files, games, PowerPoint for introductions, and a lot more. This is perfect for both beginners and old teachers. The graphics are vivid and attractive, especially for kids. I love everything! Thank you so much! 5 stars for you!! =)

  2. Jeah

    I started using these files for my ESL class today. They are very useful and easy to download. They are already sorted and ready for use! My regular students really enjoyed the rewards and games when there were extra time before class ended. As for beginner students, the Chinese audio translation were very useful for them to understand the class. I commend 🤗

  3. Jessy (verified owner)

    I will definitely recommend this app and ESL tools. I received my order immediately I didn’t expect to get so many teaching tools for only 200 pesos! Trust me, it’s worth the price. You’ll get more than the price rather. So excited to use the tools in class. 🙂

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